Monday, April 22, 2013

What's on your mind...

In case you're not familiar, that is what Facebook asks you when you log in. I've never been big on Facebook. I've gone through short spurts here and there where I post thoughts--probably more last year than any other time--but I rarely post anything anymore, except maybe a few pictures. Yet, for some reason, Facebook-type updates still stream through my brain from time to time, as if I were going to post them (though I am addicted to Instagram if you want to follow me there!). Since those of you that read this (usually) actually care what we're doing and what I'm thinking, I thought I would provide you with some of my mental Facebook updates from the past few weeks...

Our weather today has been so weird...45 degrees and sunny when we got up...then PNW-type rain and snow is that possible? Totally reminds me of WA!

Watching a Pixar short film with the kids--with no words--so I keep asking them questions about what's going on. What game are they playing? And Kennedy immediately answers with the Korean name for Rock, Paper, idea how to spell it in Korean...Ai-Kai-Bo? The Korean influence from her friends at school is really kicking in!

Kennedy now pronounces many of her words with an -amnida or -ay at the end, so that they all sound like Konglish (Korean/English mix). "Can I have a snack-a?" Oh my. Again, the Korean influence from her friends at school is really beginning to appear! I can only imagine what Cade will sound like a year from now!

The time has come to write a letter of recommendation for our nanny. I am happy to do it, and thrilled that Cade that will be in preschool next year, but terrified of how much more difficult life will be without her! What will we do when my schedule changes for a day or two? And what about the laundry? I'm going to have to actually clean a bathroom in Korea! #firstworldproblems (I don't ever use hashtags either, but as long as I'm thinking in Facebook posts, I might as well throw one in!)

I'm so thankful that Eric is teaching Cade to kill all the bugs he sees in the house, so that I can continue my streak of never-touching-bugs! I'm also thankful that the presence of bugs means that it's warmed up enough for the bugs to be present!

This afternoon, the kids were snacking on carrots. They each took four carrot sticks, and Kennedy told Cade that he couldn't eat any yet--they were going to do math with them. For the next twenty minutes, she gave her little brother subtraction problems to do with his carrots. So proud of that girl!

At lunch the other day, the kids were saying "hello" in all of the languages they know. Kennedy started with English and then Mandarin. Cade piped in with Thai and then Korean. Spanish is still iffy for them; sometimes they remember it, sometimes they don't. We added Hawaiian, since we'll be there this summer. It's still astounding to me how different their childhoods are from mine!

I had nothing in this post related to cherry blossoms, but it's that time of year, and really, what does one say about cherry blossoms? They're beautiful. I love the chance to get creative with my camera. Their lives are so short, though. It rained this weekend, so they only lasted about five days. They were amazing while they were here. And now, the azaleas are starting to bloom...they are also all over the city!

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