Tuesday, May 21, 2013

At the Park

As I continue my challenge of shooting manual, I am taking more pictures. And while it is still quite challenging for me (in other words, I'm really slow!), I am getting better.

Now that the weather is so nice every day, it's much easier to get outside to the park and take pictures, too.

The other day, Cade asked to go to the park "by Daddy's baseball field."

Thankfully, I understood his logic and realized that the park actually isn't that far away (it takes an hour by bus and subway to get to his games). It's just on the other side of the War Memorial.

It's not a bad walk, but it was pretty warm, and I knew he'd be tired by the time we got there, so we took the bus.

It wasn't too busy, which was nice. There was a Dutch family there for awhile, as well as a Korean family. Cade just ran around with whoever he could find. 

Yesterday when we were at a different park, there were a lot of Korean kids playing. He jumped right in with them--making "salads" in little plastic cups with all of the other kids. It cracks me up the way he can fit right in, in spite of the language barrier.

He's also working hard on pumping, so he spends a lot of time on the swings.

Thankfully, most of my papers are easy to take to the park, so I can get something done while he plays.

 Just a few more weeks of this before we're headed back to the States to spend every day at the park without any grading!

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