Monday, May 6, 2013

Spring Staff Picnic

We had a beautiful day in the sun for our staff picnic last week. It was a much-needed day off, I will admit. Cade was beyond thrilled to have everyone home in the middle of the week. Our highs reached the 70s this week, and we are so excited to finally put away the coats.

This particular day off was for Korean Labor Day, though to be honest, we haven't quite figured out who gets the day off. Everything is still open, the streets are still full of traffic; it must be one of those "bank holidays." We'll take it!

We had a huge lunch catered by Outback. Then an afternoon in the sun. The kids had a great day playing with their friends, beginning with a round of kickball--ages three to seventeen--plus an elementary school principal.

Afterward, the men began a softball game in the other corner of the field. Kennedy ran off with her friends to play on the playground. Cade played some football with one of our PE teachers. And I sat in the sun chatting with the other moms.

May is now in full swing which means that the countdown is on! We have less than a month until we're out of school, and just about a month until we're back in WA! Of course, with that comes the stress. The school year is almost over. The stress of whether we are going to be able to finish everything in class. The stress of grading big assignments. The stress of writing exams. The stress of grading exams. But, it's a good stress.

And then, of course, there are the end-of-the-year events. The International Bazaar. The endless band and choir concerts. The school plays. Field days. Field trips. It's a fun time of year, but it keeps us on our toes!

Last year, I remember being really stressed in anticipation of the summer, too. I wasn't sure how we would handle two months without our own space. Two months of jet lag, constant travel, and too many beds to count. But, thankfully, we've been through it once before now. I know we can handle it, and I know that regardless of how draining it may be some days, that it is definitely worth it! We can't wait!

I also remember it being really hard that it had been in the 80s here in Seoul for weeks and when we returned to WA, highs were in the low 60s for the first several weeks. This year, it has been hard that Seattle has had warmer weather than we have. Really, we're happy for all of you in the PNW, but at the same time, we're a little nervous. Nice weather in May does not necessarily translate to nice weather in June. Hopefully, I learned from last year, and I really do pack warmer clothes this year!

I've been frustrated by my blah photos lately, which I feel is directly related to the fact that I'm getting a new lens next month. Don't you always feel like your equipment is more and more inferior when you're about to get something new? So, I've decided that instead of complaining, I'm going to start stretching myself again. This week, I turned my camera on full manual, after having it on aperture priority for the last eighteen months. Most of you probably don't know what that means, but for me, it means a lot more work! A healthy way to stretch myself when I'm in a rut.

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