Saturday, May 11, 2013

Children's Day

Yesterday was another one of those days when you realize that it just isn't physically possible to do everything that needs to be done. Something has to go. Yesterday it was one of my students' review projects and a school musical. The rest has to get done. It will get done. The quizzes will get graded. The exams will get written. The lessons will get planned.

Last Sunday was Children's Day in Korea. Last year we missed it because the kids both had pink eye, so we went to the Seoul Friendship Fair, but we couldn't go to church and expose all of those kids to it. This year we made it, though. We even dropped the kids off an hour early, so that they could practice, scoring a 45 minute coffee date for ourselves. We'll take what we can get!

It turns out that Children's Day is a pretty big deal. The entire church service was done just by the kids--the singing, Bible readings, and prayers. Even the (short) sermon was just for them. It was so funny to watch these little guys sing! Nothing like trying to get three, four, and five year olds to stand in a line and sing!

Our pastor told the kids that since it was their special day, they should get to choose where to go out for lunch, so we ended up at McDonalds with nearly every other Korean family with young children in Seoul.

After church, Eric took the kids out for a "water gun" fight.

They made water guns out of Ziploc bags with small holes cut into them.

It's not that they don't sell water guns in Korea; I know that they do. But what fun would that be? These little TCKs didn't seem to notice. The kids thoroughly enjoyed their little water fight.

This week we had several nice days of weather, including the day of Kennedy's field day at school. Then we had two days of gray, rainy weather.

Today, we had the International Bazaar at school, and the weather was back to beautiful for it, thankfully! I think everyone was surprised by just how warm it was in the sunshine.

Tonight, after the bazaar and Eric gets home from his baseball game, we'll see if we can make it to the musical at school, but we're at the point where some things just have to go. And that might be one of them.

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