Saturday, May 18, 2013

Settling In

We finally did it. Today we bought a car. We left the kids with a sitter and took an hour long subway trip to meet a car broker that came recommended by many of our co-workers.

He showed us a car. I said no. He said, "I'll show you a few more cars, but you'll come back to this one." He was right. We came back to it.

So, we got ourselves a little car. A twelve year old Kia Sephia. The kids are so excited!

They couldn't wait to go for a ride in it. And, I'll be honest, I think our biggest feat today was making it home after buying the car. Then we successfully made it to Kim's Club and back--where it turns out they don't have booster seats...

I guess after two years here, we're finally starting to settle in!

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