Friday, May 24, 2013

Bridges and Bubbles

I was totally blown away by the news about the bridge in Mt. Vernon yesterday. It was a bit surreal at first. Suddenly I started seeing Facebook posts that people were safe. That they'd crossed the bridge ten minutes before it had fallen. That no one they knew had been hurt. That my family was safe.

I don't often open Facebook at school, and when I do it's just for a minute. I didn't really have time to be on it on Friday, either, but for some reason I did and these were the posts I found. Then people started sharing links to the very small amount of information that the news had at the time. I was shocked to hear that only two vehicles went in.

In fact, because there were so few, I had assumed that it was one of the smaller bridges--the one on the west side of Mt. Vernon. Clearly, I wasn't really focused on what I was reading. That whole "teaching a class and being surrounded by 25 teenagers" will do that to you. Finally, when I got home last night and was really reading the news, I figured out which bridge it was. It really is a miracle that no one died in such a disaster.

I also can't imagine the disaster that traffic is going to be around there for the next few weeks and months. Sure, the locals know the back roads, but soon everyone will be on the back roads that we expect to be clear country roads. Even the traffic that is re-routed through Conway will be miserable. We'll be praying for all of those dealing with this mess, and that things get cleared out a bit in the next two weeks before we get home!

This has been a kind of a tough week around here--in more ways than one. I've had a few new experiences--mostly ones that I haven't wanted. And then, of course, there's the stretching myself too thin. Having to be in too many places at once. Needing to get more done than is physically possible.

The biggest stretch this week has been dental work. Knowing what it feels like to have a tooth pulled was not an experience I needed. Especially when I have so many other things on my mind.

Every time the dentist or hygienist left me for a moment in the chair, I was checking emails and working on school-related tasks on my phone. Not a good feeling when half your face is numb and you're feeling loopy.

I finally had to have one of my wisdom teeth pulled out because of a cavity. That combined with an hour of filing down a tooth for a crown made for a miserable trip to the dentist. And a miserable several days afterward, eating only soft foods that are neither cold nor hot. Nothing better than not being able to eat smoothies, milkshakes, or hot soup when all you can have is soft food!

Thankfully, so far life with a car has been going well. We haven't gotten lost yet--not that we've strayed too far from home, and I'm even sort of starting to get the hang of driving here, though I don't think I'll ever stop being surprised by some of the things local drivers pull. Last night, I was waiting to turn left and the car to my right turned left in front of me and the car to my left turned right in front of me. Crazy.

This is Eric and Kennedy's last normal week of school. I only one more day of class left and then I give my exams, so I have two half days left, too. I finished grading one set of tests this week, and I have one set of exams left to grade.

It's time to start thinking about packing, clearing out the refrigerator and freezer, and planning for our trip home. We're so excited!

These pictures are from two weeks ago when it wasn't regularly over 80 degrees yet. Kennedy had gotten some bubbles at the International Bazaar, and she couldn't wait to go blow them at the park. So, it was a good opportunity to continue practicing shooting in Manual.

We're hoping that you've had a week without dental work and collapsing bridges!

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