Sunday, January 3, 2016

2015 in Review and Looking Forward to 2016

So, before I get into the I'm-a-good-mom-I-promise stuff, can I just be honest for a minute? This winter break has not been what I expected. Yes, it's wonderful to spend time with my whole family. Yes, we're making memories, and we're all learning new things every day. But this year, it's been hard. I no longer have the I'm-so-excited-for-a-few-weeks-off thing. Instead, I have the it's-so-much-more-work-to-have-all-3-kids-home thing.

Reece has been a completely different child. First, he had four teeth come in. Then, he had a cold. Then, he had the flu. Then, everyone was home all day every day. Now, he doesn't eat. He doesn't nap. And, he doesn't go to bed or sleep well. We've had nights where he's been up every two hours like a newborn. We've had nights where it takes him an hour or more to fall asleep and he's crying the whole time. And, we've had nights where he was awake for HOURS seemingly possessed by a demon who wouldn't allow us to hold him, rock him, or comfort him in any way. Just screaming. Lots and lots of screaming.

So, to say that I've been looking forward to bedtime every night would be an understatement (and by bedtime, I mean after everyone is asleep). And I'm also looking forward to the troops heading back to school. For someone who says she doesn't like repetition, I am most certainly looking forward to getting back to the normal routine (and praying that naps come with it!!)

Nonetheless, we let the kids stay up "late" on New Year's Eve (9:30, pathetic, I know, but I was ready for bed at 9!), and so I asked them some questions to review the year...

What was the most memorable thing that you learned this year?

Kennedy: how to write a letter and how to make breakfast (she's been making scrambled eggs and working on pancakes!)
Cade: how to ride a bike on two wheels. This was a big accomplishment for him this summer! A game changer for our family!

What is your favorite memory from 2015?

Kennedy: snorkeling in Cebu!
Cade: spring break at Crimson Resort in Cebu
Me: our bathroom "date" while staying in Jeju--it epitomizes our year. Trying to sneak in a few quiet minutes alone wherever and whenever we can was our challenge in 2015!
Eric: biking to Seoul Forest as a family for the first time. Eric was so excited that our whole family can finally do something physical.together.outside.

What was the hardest part of 2015?

Kennedy: feeling homesick while in the States and sharing a room with Cade
Cade: learning to ride a bike

What do you want to learn in 2016?

Kennedy: the Pledge of Allegiance
Cade: the Pledge of Allegiance

What do you want to improve upon in 2016?

Kennedy: living in America
Cade: living in America

What are you most looking forward to in 2016?

Kennedy: my end-of-the-year party at school
Cade: moving to America

What is one goal you have for 2016?

Kennedy: fighting with Cade less
Cade: eating less junk food (he's off to a good start with this one...not!)

As you can see, much of their thinking revolves around our near-future move, yet we rang in the new year with New Zealand. Did you know that there aren't many countries that ring in the new year before we do in South Korea? I didn't either, until I was trying to find a video to watch and there weren't any until about 9pm!

I hope you enjoyed the truly random photos in this post, brought to you by inspiration from the class I took the week before Christmas, which was titled "Beautiful Honest Families." It may not all be beautiful, but it is honest!

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