Friday, January 22, 2016

366 Project: Week Three

This is one of those weeks that I really won't need or want to remember in the future. There was nothing blog-worthy, unless you count the fact that Reece slept through the night a record-setting eight nights in a row, followed by several nights of not sleeping more than an hour or two at a time. It was rough! As a result, there were a few days where I was not functioning at a high level and complete thoughts were not free-flowing. So, the blog sat empty. Because, it was either that or fill it with my when-will-my-child-ever-sleep whining!

15/366: It always amazes me the mess that this kid can make. Whether it's his toys, towels he's pulled out of the drawer, or plastic storage containers he's pulled out of the cabinet, he's always into something at this stage!

16/366: This one, on the other hand, has spent an inordinate amount of time doing research on getting a dog when we get back to the States. Considering it is the only thing she is excited about in terms of this move, I suppose we are encouraging it.

17/366: This week has been frigid, and Reece and I have only left the house for the morning and afternoon bus stop trips. With highs in the teens (not to mention the wind chill), it takes us about 10 minutes to get all bundled up for a five minute trip to meet the kiddos at the bus stop. I won't miss the freezing temps!

18/366: Mondays are the only day that Kennedy gets home early enough after school to get her homework done while it's still light out. This week, she started competitive swim practice twice a week, and Wednesdays she stays with Dad while Cade swims since I come to school to work out. Our third quarter routine is going to be a little hectic, I think!

19/366: Cade finally lost one of his front teeth that had been loose for months. Unfortunately, it wasn't the one that he really needed to lose. The other one is just barely hanging on, with another growing in right behind it, but we can't get him motivated to yank it yet.

20/366: While Reece's appetite has finally returned after weeks of being sick, his willingness to eat everything has not. He isn't eating many of his old favorites--tomatoes and olives included--and lunch time has become a bit of a struggle.

21/366: We (I) have developed a tendency toward hoarding while living in a place where I cannot go out on a daily basis and buy the basics. All year long, I keep a list of the things we need to pick up in the States during the summer. After that first year, when I somehow managed to lose all of the deodorant that I had purchased before we even arrived, I have made sure that I never make that mistake again. Now, here we are less than five months away from our departure date, and it's time to unload some of the overstock. (This, unfortunately, is not all of it!) I won't miss this!

Eric bought our plane tickets last night (round trip, since it was cheaper, so if anyone wants a one way trip to Korea, let us know...haha!), so we are now officially counting down to June 10th!

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