Sunday, January 17, 2016

366 Project: Week Two

This morning was our last Seahawks game in Korea. That's one thing I won't miss. The game was on at 3 am our time, and I really wanted to get up to watch it. I really wasn't too optimistic, and if it was going to be the last game, then I wanted to see it. But, when I finally rolled over to wake up my eyes, Eric wasn't even watching it. He was just following on the app on his phone and said it wasn't even worth watching. So, I didn't. (I think he did watch the second half, but I was fast asleep.) Waking up to highlights of a lost playoff game isn't much better than watching it at 3:00 in the morning. We're excited to be back in Washington for next season!

We had a fun and relaxing weekend, but honestly, I could have skipped it. I was just starting to get Reece back on track with afternoon naps, and I was kind of thinking we could just send the kids to school over the Okay. Instead, I took Kennedy to a birthday party after church on Sunday, and then I took Cade to see The Good Dinosaur while she was at her party. The two of us hadn't done anything in a long time, and it was a lot of fun! He didn't even seem bothered by my incessant I-can't-turn-off-the-English-teacher questions after the movie (it really wasn't that great, and we both were left with questions).

And now, a recap of our week:

8/366: I already mentioned our trip to the National Museum last week. Silhouette pictures. Because I'm that kind of mom.

9/366: Kennedy and I dropped off a full car load of stuff at the Seoul Swap (it feels so good to get rid of stuff!!), and to reward ourselves, we stopped at one of my new favorite coffee shops for a drink and some quiet time with our books. While going by myself is lovely, I get to go more often if I take one of the kids, and I'm so thankful that she's old enough now to sit and enjoy her book while I sit and enjoy mine!

10/366: The iHerb order came (and since my olives were nabbed by customs last time, I was even more excited about its arrival!), and as this is one of the last, it seemed worthy of documenting. It won't be too long before I take it for granted again that I can buy whatever I want wherever I want, without the inconvenience of a weight and dollar limit and waiting 2-3 weeks for arrival.

11/366: Reece was heartbroken on Monday morning after we dropped the kids off at the bus stop. It was just the two of us, and apparently, he wasn't as ready for it as I was.

12/366: Last week was homecoming week at school, so on Tuesday, we went to watch Eric play in the alumni versus staff game. On Wednesday, we went to see our last YISS versus SFS game basketball game. Only soccer season left to go.

13/366: Reece has just about outgrown these little Stride Rites...unfortunately, it's before he's learned to walk. I'm starting to worry because I'm not sure that I have shoes for him in the next size up. Whoops.

14/366: We are finally on the mend from the latest round of colds. Hallelujah! It was time for some of the baby toys that don't regularly make it into the bath or shower to get a good wash. Reece was more than happy to help out!

As you can see, there's going to be a whole lot of pictures of Reece during the week while the kids are in school--especially now with the days being so short still. Week two still went pretty well, but I'm already well into week three, and it's been a bit more of a struggle. Eesh. Only 50 weeks to go!

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