Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Christmas in WA...2014

(Yup, you read that right.) So...guess what I did the other night? That's right. I did something totally crazy. I edited some pictures from Christmas 2014. It only took me a year. I'm so proud!

It was a little painful for a few reason. First of all, the original reason that I struggled so much with editing these because they were all out of order as far as dates were concerned. I didn't set the date on the camera as I pulled it out of the box because I wasn't sure which time zone I'd wanted to use. This had been a problem previously, and I wasn't sure how to fix it. So, I didn't set the date until I'd had it more than a week.

Secondly, I pulled this thing out of the box no more than a week before Christmas, and though I'd spent all of the early fall learning how to take better pictures (with an actual class this time!), these shots did not reflect that. The struggle was real.

Thirdly, Reece was a newborn. So, I took a lot of pictures of him. At the time, I thought he was the cutest thing ever. But, he wasn't. And, looking through these a year later, it was hard to find cute pictures of him that I actually wanted to edit and post. Don't feel bad, Reece. You're just so much cuter now!

The fact is that I'm caught up on recent pictures I've taken, aside from those I have from my 365, but I'm only six days into that. So, I've got six pictures.

After looking back to the posts from January of 2015, I realize that along with not posting pictures of this trip, I also didn't record the events of the trip. And, since I was heavy into the mom-of-a-newborn fog, I don't remember many of the details at this point.

I do remember that I enjoyed spending an extra week with my dad, brother, and Gretchen before Eric and the kids arrived. It wasn't necessarily all relaxing as I did have shopping to do and a newborn who didn't eat or sleep well, but it was nice to have company during the day and help with all of that fun stuff.

Eric and the kids flew in on the 22nd, I think, so they had a very short overlap with my dad. In that time, we went and cut down a Christmas tree (by request from Cade), celebrated Christmas at my dad's with his family, and did Christmas with Gretchen and her daughters on the 24th. Late that night, we headed south to spend the remainder of our trip with Eric's family. (Don't worry, I have pictures from that part of the trip, as well!)

I remember feeling like the time was oh-so-short but being so grateful to spend the holidays with friends and family in Washington for the first time in four years!

And, since I left you with Reece's sleep pitfalls, I will say that today he took a two hour nap for the first time this winter break, and he's been sleeping better at night, too. We still have a ways to go, but I'll take what I can get. Of course, we're all getting colds again, though, so this may be the end of our forward progress in terms of sleep. Erg.

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