Friday, February 26, 2016

366 Project: Week Eight

We are deep into the it's-another-job-to-get-a-job-phase. I've been waiting all week to have a relaxing evening to just watch a TV show, but it hasn't happened yet. We spend every evening talking about the future and responding to emails or filling out applications. I look forward to when this phase comes to an end and we finally have some answers.

50/366: Another upside (downside?) to the read-a-thon is that the kids require a lot more trips to the library. They asked me to pick them up after school on Friday, so that I could take them and help them find some new books. They had already been several times that week, but Eric just sends them down, and they wanted some help. How could I say no?

51/366: We will often go work out at school on the weekends, and the kids love playing in the fitness room while Eric and I are in the weight room. I finally brought my camera.

52/366: They put their books down long enough to play cars on the rug we bought them this past summer. Since they rarely use it for its play purpose, it was good to see them get the cars out.

53/366: You know. If you finally put on that "statement necklace" that a friend so sweetly gifted, then you should get a picture of it. We had to stay up late to Skype about a job, so I figured I'd better get dressed up a little.

54/366: We've had some amazing sunsets this winter! I'm not looking forward to the haze of the spring in Seoul.

55/366: This guy is such a baby bird when it comes to eating his yogurt. He usually has his hands down on the tray and pushes his neck out with his mouth wide open for a bite. Of course, I underestimated how difficult it would be to feed him and take a picture without ending up with him screaming or staring at the camera. His face totally gets lost in this!

56/366: My Thursday began at 4 am when Reece woke up soaking wet because his diaper had leaked so badly, and I had to change his diapers (yes, still using two at night and somehow...) and pajamas. The day never really turned around for me. I even managed to burn the cupcakes, though thankfully it was only slightly and no one complained. Then, Cade helped me frost and decorate them for his school party on Friday.

The kids have another four day weekend (Eric only has three), because apparently we don't really go to school that often. We're looking forward to seeing the school play this afternoon and celebrating Cade's birthday tomorrow. We're excited that it's nearly March, spring weather is only another six weeks away (ha!), and I'm nearly finished with month two of this 366 project! Now, if only we had jobs!

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