Thursday, February 11, 2016

366 Project: Week Six

It's been an exciting few days here, as we are finally interviewing and learning concrete details about the possibilities ahead. No real decisions have been made, but we have a lot more information than we did this time last week. I think we're starting to get a little excited about the future, rather than just being terrified!

I've got things to do, though, especially with Reece still being on his one nap schedule, so let's get to this week's pictures. And notice, not one iPhone picture this week; I'm so proud!

36/366: The kids had a half day and after playing at the playground with our neighbors, they asked if they could all come back to our house. Sure, why not? Five kids, one bedroom? Sounds like fun.

37/366: When I posted this on Instagram, I left it in color because it looked very Valentines-y, and I thought it really made the fact that Kennedy had put Reece in her bed obvious. But, the pictures I post here feel more permanent to me, and well, I just couldn't do it the kid. A boy? Surrounded by pink? It just didn't seem fair, so black and white it is.

38/366: We've had beautiful sunsets lately. Maybe not as beautiful as some of those I've seen of the PNW on social media lately, but pretty nonetheless. And remember, for the first four years we lived here, we probably only saw four sunsets total. We could see nothing from our apartment, so I'm not taking this for granted. Yet.

39/366: Okay, I brought my big girl camera, but I didn't really want to use it. Ha. So, this is the only picture that I took of our Super Bowl Monday. The military always has Super Bowl Monday off, but this year it happened to fall on Lunar New Year, so the rest of Korea had it off, too. Our church planned a big breakfast, and we were able to watch a live stream that actually worked well. With commercials. Definitely not an experience I ever expected to have, though.

40/366: I already shared the story of Reece's first trip to the hospital, but his favorite part of the trip was the bracelet he got. I couldn't wait to get a picture of it wrapped around his little wrist. It provided him plenty of entertainment during our long waits.

41/366: We went to school to work out in the afternoon, having forgotten that a friend had organized a Nerf war in the gym. So, after our workout, the kids had a little workout of their own with friends. Yes, Cade is back there on the right, but I was more concerned with playing with shutter speed and capturing movement than I was with getting a picture of my own kids out there. The Linn boys are pretty cute, though!

42/366: Our latest drama (because a trip to the ER this week wasn't enough) is the ongoing epic of Cade's tooth. This tooth had been loose for months. It wasn't until a friend mentioned it, that we realized that the new one was probably growing in behind it, and maybe it just wasn't going to come out on its own. We tried everything short of a door handle (though we did try a Nerf gun), and while it was plenty loose, it just wouldn't come out. So, Eric took him to the dentist yesterday after school. The poor kid was terrified, but it's finally out. I have a picture of the tooth itself, which will probably show up at some point, but it's clear now why it wouldn't come out. The front of the tooth is almost double the length of the other tooth that he just lost from the front top. It's a good thing we finally got it pulled!

Unfortunately, this afternoon, I have to take him back for a follow up appointment. He also has a cavity that has to be filled, and while I am certainly not one to ever enjoy the dentist, I fear this kid may loathe it more than most for the remainder of his life. Oof.

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