Thursday, February 4, 2016

366 Project: Week Five

This week began with the flu for most of us, and ended with colds for the boys (so I'm sure the girls will be taken down shortly!). We've enjoyed a little more sleep as Reece cried himself to sleep a little more, and I got out of bed a little less. This weekend is our last major Korean holiday, Lunar New Year or Seollal, so the kids have three days off school, leaving us with a five and a half day weekend.

29/366: After throwing up all night, I tried not to get off the couch, but alas, a 15-month-old doesn't really allow that.

30/366: On Saturday, no one was sick, and we all needed to get out of the house, so we went to the final home varsity basketball games. I started coaching these girls our first year when they were in 8th grade. This spring, they graduate and we leave. Hard to believe.

31/366: Eric and Kennedy took Reece on an afternoon bike ride in an effort to get the kid to nap, so Cade and I did some chores and even got in an epic game of double solitaire.

It was fun to put together a collage of all of the photos from January and see them all in one place!

32/366: Bath time!

33/366: Finishing up Awana homework on Monday afternoon.

34/366: It was so exciting to see morning light at the bus stop!

35/366: One of my goals is to shoot in every room in the house, especially since we will have lived here for such a short time. So, the selfie on the bed seemed an easy way to get our bedroom out of the way!

I'm off to wrestle the hooligans. The kids had a half day today, and Reece woke up early from his nap (again), so it could be a long afternoon. Need more coffee. Stat.

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