Friday, February 19, 2016

366 Project: Week Seven

Not much has changed since my last post. Still no word on jobs anywhere in the world. Less than four months until we're jobless and homeless. But, we're trying not to dwell on that too much. Too many other things to stress about. Like getting rid of our stuff and figuring out how our TCKs are going to adjust to life in their passport country. Ooof.

Because there are no pictures to document it, I will say that Eric and I celebrated Valentine's Day by going on a date over Lunar New Year. The friends that babysat the kids were the same ones who babysat for our first date since Reece's birth during Valentine's week last year. We get out a lot, you can see. Ha! Eric also took us out to lunch at Suji's on Valentine's Day, which was fun, in spite of the freezing weather and wind. And now, photo documentation of week seven...

43/366: One of my main goals for this year is to focus on my use of light. I'm not doing too well yet, but playing with the shadows in our living room was on the bucket list.

44/366: On Saturday, it was ridiculously warm. Like 60 degrees warm. And pouring down rain with a little thunder storm to boot. On Sunday, it snowed, was 20 degrees, plus a wind chill. Gotta love Seoul weather.

45/366: Reece started walking for realz on Saturday, but I was so busy taking videos that I didn't get any pictures. So, that was Sunday's project.

46/366: I have a love-hate relationship with the YISS read-a-thon, which began Monday. I love that it encourages the kids to read even more than normal, but I hate how stressed they get about recording every.single.minute they read. Kennedy needs to read more than 90 minutes per day to qualify for the big prizes (cameras, iPads, etc.), and so of course, she wants to, but that's a lot to fit in with swimming, chores, and homework every evening!

47/366: There were only a few flurries on Sunday, but on Tuesday it snowed most of the day. Nonetheless, we never had any accumulation and the 1/4 inch we may have had melted by the evening when it got up to a toasty 34 degrees. #winterinSeoul #notgonnamissit

48/366: I was trying to take a picture of something else, when look who walked into the frame? Obviously, this little one (and all of his hair) won out.

49/366: Lacking inspiration and ripe avocados. We'd had these for more than a week and they still wouldn't ripen, so it was time for a sun bath on the living room floor.

Today, I am enjoying the read-a-thon, as it's only noon and Kennedy has already read for three hours! A quiet morning to read our books (and blog)? I'll take it!

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