Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rafting in Leavenworth

Eric and I even managed to escape for a couple of days by ourselves while we were home last summer. It seems so long ago now!

We drove two hours north, dropped the kids off with my dad, and then drove two hours east to Leavenworth. We went out for a nice dinner, spent the night in a nice hotel, and got up to go whitewater rafting the next day.

The water was pretty high, so we got to ride Class IV rapids on the Wenatchee River. It was so much fun, though we were pretty sore the next day!

We rode in the smaller red boats with a team of six. I hadn't realized how much work it was going to be!

We also happened to have friends in town for the weekend, so we went out for drinks and dessert with them, as well before heading back to get the kids the next morning.

It's hard to believe that we had time for this (and willing babysitters!). We had tried to set up a date for this weekend. We had babysitters lined up and everything, but we are just too busy right now. Eric realized that he won't even be home on Saturday night after he had everything arranged! Things will slow down soon. I just know it!

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