Saturday, September 1, 2012

Week 35: Endless Summer

In some ways, it is feeling an endless summer for us. We spent the day running from soccer to baseball, and it was hot all day long! In other ways, though, it is clear that summer is over. We have been incredibly busy. Soccer and cross country are underway. Kennedy's swim lessons start this week. Last week we had her open house. This week we have our open house. And I've got a cold, of course. Par for the course when life is as busy as ours right now.
That being said, I am seriously considering giving up the 365 project for this year. I'm not normally much of a quitter, but I've got priorities and unfortunately, my hobby just might have to take a backseat to my family and job for now. I'm not sure yet. Maybe I can just back off to the p52.

Day 235: Went to a baby cafe with one of Cade's buddies. A nice little place where they can play and moms can watch while they sip on their coffee. Enjoyable for both parties!

Day 236: The kids asked me to take a picture of their books.

Day 237: Eric made his first sandwich in Korea with legitimate turkey lunchmeat. He was really excited about it!

Day 238: The night before Typhoon Bolaven. Clear skies. Endless summer.

Day 239: Took advantage of our day off and made a new dish for dinner. Chicken satay with peanut sauce. Yum!

Day 240: Costco had artichoke hearts when I went a couple of weeks ago. I got to make artichoke dip and it was so delicious! All kinds of exciting food stuff going on here in Korea this week!

Day 241: My little man watching the rain from the downgraded tropical storm Timben.

It was another good week here apart from my cold. We enjoyed our first official "typhoon day" (the Korean government ordered that all schools be shut down), and we were thankful that there was no damage.


  1. oh, I love the photos this week... and now I'm hungry! :) Great capture of your week!

    If I can encourage you to complete Project 365. You will be glad you did! Even if you don't have time to edit and upload them to your blog. Be sure to take a picture every day! I did it last year (and my facebook album doesn't have any nov/dec entries), but I know I have them and hope to make an album with them some day!!

  2. Great photos. Yummy! Love those flowers.

  3. Love that flower picture and great food shots this week.


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