Monday, August 27, 2012

Our latest...typhoons in SK

Update: As of 7:00pm this evening, we have spent our day inside watching the wind and some rain. Thankfully, it has been pretty uneventful. Anti-climactic really. The wind is still blowing, but I believe Bolaven has passed and the weather should be calmer when we get up in the morning. Timben (the other, much smaller typhoon) is expected to pass by on Thursday, but it does appear that we should make it through the week unscathed!

Update: As of 11:00am, we have witnessed some wind and some light rain. Nothing too exciting yet. Bolaven passed by Jeju Island this morning and 50,000 are without power now. It is supposed to pass by Seoul this afternoon before it makes landfall in the southwest corner of North Korea. We wait!

Monday, August 27th:
In an effort to keep our family informed, I feel I should mention that Typhoon Bolaven is on its way to the coast of Korea. As of right now, the weather is still pretty calm. A balmy (and humid) 90 degrees F at nearly 7:00 in the evening. I can see a few rustling branches, but nothing that indicates a storm on the way. I went out to take a few pictures of this flower outside our building this evening (same spot, different light). The calm before the storm.

For those of you that don't know, a typhoon is the same as a hurricane. The only difference is the location of the storm--hurricanes exist east of the international dateline and typhoons exist west of the dateline.

A large typhoon has not hit Seoul in two years--last year when we arrived, crews were just finishing repairs to one of the fences at school that had been damaged by a typhoon. Tomorrow, we will experience our first "typhoon day"--no school for us--or any of the other schools around.
But we're all set. We have more than enough food and water. We've got candles and a flashlight. We live on the first floor, so we're not too worried about our windows. We've got our day off tomorrow, so now we're just praying that the damage is minimal and that everyone stays safe. If internet and power stay intact, I'll post an update tomorrow. We appreciate your prayers!

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  1. Chelsea,
    Thanks for the updates on the typhoon.


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