Saturday, August 11, 2012

Week 32: Summer Favorites

It was nice to get back to a routine this week. Eric and I were busy at school every day and Kennedy and Cade were very excited to spend the week with Miss V again! It's hard to say that "summer favorites" was our theme for this week, though. It was more the end of summer for us.

Day 214: This is evidently what a "western house" looks like from the persepective of the Koreans. I'm always entertained by the stereotypes!

Day 215: Spent the day at school for our first all staff (and families) day. We had a great day, but we were so busy I forgot to take a picture until the end of the night!

Day 216: I refused to go to work or even open my laptop, so I spent the day reading the first novel I'm teaching this year. I spent much of my summer doing this!

Day 217: The kids were still asleep when we left for school Monday morning. Cade's sweet little feet were peeking out of his blankets. Yes, he insists on sleeping with a blanket even when it's 85F in his room!

Day 218: I was determined to get out the DSLR once this week. Stretching myself with my camera has been one of my favorite summer activities this year.

Day 219: One of the routines that we got back into this week was watching Lost with our friends from school.

Day 220: We also got back into the Costco trip routine. The first trip of the year is always pretty rough because there are so many people that go. The line of staff with their overflowing (or in my case, 2) grocery carts was the length of the store. We were quite a spectacle! The Koreans were taking our picture, as well!

My favorite photo of this week is the shot of the flower--probably because it's the only shot that I didn't take with my iPhone. It's different for me, but I think I like it!

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  1. summer reading is definitely a favorite... I've been reading so much with my kindle app that it is rare for me to hold an actual book! But I need to do that again!
    and I love the flower pic too!
    visiting from Project 52

  2. The picture of the flower is gorgeous! I could never do costco with that long of a line, I love me my costco and go when I know it is quiet!

  3. Hi!
    Great snapshots! The flower picture is beautiful! Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  4. I hear you on the whole Costco thing. Ours never has a slow time- the lines are always 15-20 people deep. It's unreal.


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