Friday, August 24, 2012

Week 34: Heat

Well, I, uh...kind of didn't get around to actually taking a picture with of the prompt this week. It was a busy spite of the fact that I only had to work two days. I'm not sure how that happens every week. Anyway. Here is week 34 of 52.

Day 228: Eric reading the kids a book after school on Friday afternoon.

Day 229:  On Saturday, we went to pick up a few things for the house at the local used furniture store. They had a piano that Eric thought was a great deal, so he jumped on it!

Day 230: Eric and I have been watching 24. We don't have a tv, so we watch on the laptop in bed.

Day 231: Forgot to take a picture again. Here's the water bottle I've been carrying with me to keep cool!

Day 232: Continuing my iced coffee ice cubes prevent it from getting watered down.

Day 233: Lots of rain today. It cooled off enough that I could wear jeans for the first time since we got back and my rain boots.

Day 234: Nothing goes to waste here. Sticks are used to lead the drain water into watering cans for the gardens around our apartment complex.

I feel like I had a lame week of photos. I really need to start picking up a real camera a little more often! I do really like the picture of Eric's hand over Kennedy's for her first piano lesson, though.

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  1. Love those rubber boots! My favorite colour!

  2. A laptop could get "hot" when it's used a lot for tv watching!! :) fun pictures! visiting from Project 52

  3. I love the shot of your rain boots!

  4. Awesome boots! Love their color and great shot of the hands on the piano.

  5. Love your water cup & those wellies are adorable. I so wish I had an excuse to buy some - but with only 2-3 inches of rain per year, it's hardly justifiable :) I just love them!


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