Monday, August 20, 2012

Spring at Namsan Park

I still have stories to tell from our trip to the States this summer, but at this point, I have so many pictures to edit that I'm kind of at a stand still. I've got work to do for school, work to do at home, a book to read for book club, and so photo editing has taken a back seat.

Plus, I still have pictures and posts from last school year that are just sitting here. Waiting for me to publish them. It was so pretty here last spring that I can't just ignore them all year!

So one afternoon last spring, Eric and I got out of school a little early because we'd had professional development. We took the kids up to the park when we got home from school.

There was so much green!!

It was warm, but not as warm as it is now. We stopped for water and the kids found these hula hoops.

One thing I am not missing right now is the haze that was here for much of the spring. Yuck.

Our neighbors had told us to go to this little cafe that's up in the park because they have this beautiful grass that the kids can run around in.

Wouldn't you just know it? They had recently re-seeded or something and weren't allowing people to walk on the grass.

The drinks were still good, but they were pretty expensive for also having to try to keep Cade of the very tempting grass!

I was excited to find some tulips, though--a little piece of home!

The light and the flowers were beautiful! Right now it's 85 degrees and pouring down rain. I'm looking forward to cooler weather and beautiful leaves this fall!


  1. Your pictures are gorgeous and that park looks amazing!!!! Like you, I'm looking forward to fall. I guess pretty much every season around here is beautiful!


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