Friday, August 3, 2012

Week 31: Dog Days of Summer

Well, our dog days of summer are wrapping up quickly here in Seoul! Just a little over a week before school starts, but we're still having fun when we can. We've definitely been on the go in our first week back!

Day 207: We headed to our favorite restaurant in Seoul--Wang Thai. They always serve a dessert afterwards: coconut milk with tapioca. Yum!

Day 208: We walked to school on Saturday--this is the view above the school. I'm still astounded by the clear skies in Seoul we are finding upon our return.

Day 209: I finally got a look at Kennedy's new Legos. They sure are girly these days--she's a fashion designer!

Day 210: After my first day in my new room, I had most of the room put together. I still have a lot of books to put away though!

Day 211: I spent most of the day staring at my laptop working on my syllabus and unit planning.

Day 212: I took the day off from all types of work and let Kennedy have her friends over. This was at the end of their fashion show.

Day 213: We worked at school for most of the day and then went to our favorite school supply store. This shot of Seoul Tower is right over the markets in Namdaemun.

My favorite shot of this week is the one of the girls. They all had a great time playing together. We went outside for a little while and had a squirt gun fight, but it's just too hot to be outside. Eric was very creative coming up with stuff for them to do in our little apartment!
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  1. She and her friends are so adorable! Love the blue skies over Seoul!

  2. Have fun before school starts! It's always fun putting a classroom together!

  3. Love the fasion show picture. Good luck with the new school year.


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