Friday, August 17, 2012

Week 33: Ice

I've kept you up to date this week, so there isn't much to say at this point. School started. Kennedy had her first day of school ever. We are all adjusting slowly, but it was a good week!

Day 221: The kids listening to a story at Kennedy's Kindergarten orientation.

Day 222: We went to school on Saturday, too, because I had some furniture delivered to my room Friday night that I didn't have time to take care of. A week ago, they had just begun construction on the front of the building. They are moving quickly!

Day 223: Kennedy's Kindergarten photo shoot. Best laid plans. It ended up raining the whole time, so we had to be creative.

Day 224: Walking home from dinner on the first day of school. Spontaneous hand holding is my fave!

Day 225: A long day at school. I remembered to take a picture right before I got in bed--Kennedy's new school shoes.

Day 226: Liberation Day in Korea, so we got the day off from school. It rained ALL DAY LONG! The kids enjoyed watching it!

Day 227: I've been working on perfecting my homemade iced coffee. Yum!

My favorite picture of this week was the one of the kids during Kennedy's little shoot. It encapsulates their personalities so well!

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  1. That homemade iced coffee looks delightful! Love all the ice in it!
    Visiting from project52

  2. Your iced coffee photo is wonderful! Looks so refreshing.

  3. They look so cute hamming it up for the camera! Hope she is loving kindergarden!

  4. Love them holding hands, and love the new shoes!

  5. What cute kids. Glad it was a great first week even in the rain. Yum!--ice coffee. Now I need me some ;0)


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