Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sun Valley

As I may have mentioned, we've been busy. I'm praying that things will begin to slow is just about over, so now we're down to just one Saturday activity. Hopefully, this will also allow me to stop leaving my camera at school over the weekends, hence enabling me to upload pictures again every once in awhile. We'll see.

At any rate, this morning Cade was talking about walking back to America to see Grandpa. Of course the best we could do was look at pictures from this past summer (and text with Grandpa). As long as we were looking back through, I figured I should share some with you.

Another of our trips this past summer was to Sun Valley, Idaho. I believe it was a Saturday morning that Eric and I left Leavenworth and drove about two hours east to Mukilteo. There, we got on the ferry and crossed the Sound to pick up the kids.

We drove about a half hour to my aunt's house where we did some laundry and re-packed suitcases (of course!) and had a good dinner with family. Then we went to bed for a few hours.

We got up around 3am, I think and drove southeast across the state of Washington, then a bit through Oregon, before finally arriving in Idaho. The whole trip took us more than twelve hours. Once the kids woke up, our trip slowed considerably. Somebody had to pee about every thirty miles it seemed!

When we finally arrived, the kids were ready for some freedom! They rolled around in the grass with Grandpa and cousins for hours!

Just looking at these pictures makes me homesick for grass, green, and rushing water!

But now, I must get back to writing tests and prepping my next unit!

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