Thursday, September 6, 2012

Week 36: Back to School

Well, we've been back to school for a while now, but I did manage to get a shot at school this week, and we have our picnic this afternoon, I guess the theme still fits!

So far today I have made a lasagna and put in the freezer for dinner next week, packed for our staff retreat this weekend at the beach, and pretended like I was at school by responding to dozens of emails and posting updates for my classes. Still to do: grade 75 one page papers, clean the house, do the dishes, and head to school to photograph our school-wide Back to School picnic. No wonder I feel like I need a nap!

Day 242: My classes doing their first Socratic circles. It was the perfect day for it since I didn't have much of a voice. Not that you can tell from this picture, but they loved it!

Day 243: Inter-squad jamboree. Morning of soccer. Afternoon of baseball. A long, but good day.

Day 244: Flowers outside our apartment complex on the way home from church.

Day 245: Cade and I spent our morning building boats out of Legos.

Day 246: Kennedy had her first piano lesson with one of the elementary music teachers. She also happens to be our neighbor, and she has a high school-aged son who wants golf lessons, so we're able to trade.

Day 247: I love taking pictures of Seoul Tower when the sky is clear!...on our way to play group.

Day 248: My little bug in a rug!

And now, I have got to get to work! Papers to grade, pictures to take!

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