Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Harvest Party

Halloween is not a holiday celebrated here in Korea (except at Everland apparently...kind of weird that it had pumpkins everywhere at the beginning of September, but they have been no where to be seen outside of Everland). It is not a holiday recognized at our Christian school, either. So, our kids celebrated by going to the Harvest Party at the international play group.
a very "international" group
They "dressed up" (my brother put it in quotes) in what we could find around the house...which means we had to use the few extraneous things we'd thrown into the suitcases last summer. There is not exactly a Value Village on every corner here (though there is a thrift store on base--it's only open on days that I work, and of course I don't have base privileges anyway)!
They start by reading some books and singing some songs...

Cade is carrying his big pumpkin!

Then they have snack time, followed by pretending to be animals.

Kennedy hopping like a bunny!

Cade is intrigued but hasn't decided if he wants to join in yet.

he decided to join in when they started acting like tigers

but he really got excited about being an alligator...

Gretchen, one of the YISS Moms, does a great job...the kids love it!

Cade makes a good elephant!

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