Monday, October 24, 2011

NOT me!

Welcome to my first NOT me of the blogs I've been checking out lately is MckMama. She takes great pictures, has funny stories about raising and homeschooling her kids, has an AMAZING story about her miracle baby, Stellan, and hosts "NOT me Monday." Check her out if you're interested.

First of all, I would NOT be writing this post as a way to put off putting up the bulletin boards outside the Teacher's Lounge at school because my feet hurt too much to stand on a chair in the hall in front of everyone.
I did NOT rip a hole in one of the 3 pairs of brand new black tights I brought with me for this year while putting them on this morning (and I did NOT only bring 3 pairs of black tights to last me a year...ugh). I did NOT have a fit when I discovered said hole. I did NOT wear the tights to school this morning thinking maybe I could get away with it. And I did NOT notice the glances I got from the other women on the bus who saw the hole in my tights. I also did NOT change my tights in my office (no, I really did NOT do this!). 
And, speaking of feet, I would NOT be wearing boots that are two different sizes, resulting in those sore feet. Because I did NOT buy my boots at Value Village last spring without trying on both boots. I did NOT put those boots into my suitcase and then travel across the world with them having NOT checked to see that both boots are the same size. That's right, NOT me! And I most certainly did NOT use a marker to color the white string black where the boot that is too small stretched and ripped a bit right on the top.
You can NOT tell, right?
What did you NOT do today?


  1. OMG! So funny! I can just see you going through this- totally lol!

  2. This would only happen to me, right?! Who doesn't check to make sure that both shoes are the same size before they buy them? Awesome!

  3. Hahaha! This is a funny, I feel very bad for you kind of way!!


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