Sunday, October 16, 2011

NICS Fall Gathering

Friday was our first official professional development day. We all know what a joy those can be, but this one was different than any we had ever experienced. 
First of all, it was combined with our NICS Fall Gathering which means that the two other NICS schools here in Korea came to our campus to give us an opportunity to get to know each other and network. We had a huge home-cooked breakfast that I had been helping to prepare the last couple of weeks in the middle school cooking class (days when I don't have someone to cover for, I can go help in any class, and this is one of my favorites!). The food was great, but I'll admit, there wasn't too much mingling with staff from other schools from what I could see.
This event includes families, so they provided childcare for the kids all day which is unique. We started the day off with prayer and worship and reports on the different schools. Then the non-working moms got to take off and go have coffee while the rest of us sat through meetings. The school brought in a speaker to talk to us about aligning standards, curriculum, and assessment. And, honestly, that was pretty similar to the PD you'd get in the States. We took the kids out to lunch with us with a big group to one of our new favorite restaurants, Petra Palace, which has Turkish food. Then headed back for another hour of work before ending the day early. They arranged for an earlier than normal release because they organized different outings and games afterward. We'd planned on going to Insa-dong, but Eric was too tired by the end of the afternoon. All in all, it was a good non-student day.

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