Monday, October 17, 2011

Lazy Saturday

This past Saturday was our first Saturday together as a family with no big plans in a long time. Soccer is officially done for me (there is still an All-Star game, and while I volunteered to go, there is no real need for me to be there). This Saturday was Eric's first cross country meet, but since he's still getting over the pneumonia, he decided it would be best if he skipped out on it. I couldn't help but agree.
the tower
I still had big plans for the day--there is just so much to do and see here that I feel like we can't waste a Saturday--but things started off slowly. By the time we were finally ready to leave the house, the clouds had started to roll in. It was lunch time and Cade needed a nap, having skipped his the day before, so we decided to push our outing to the late afternoon. By the time Cade was asleep, the thunder and lightning had begun and the rain was coming down in torrents. We decided it was all for the best that my original plans hadn't worked out, and we sat down, cuddled up, and watched the storm. A great, lazy Saturday here in Seoul.

the jungle

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