Sunday, February 26, 2012

Opening Presents

Opening presents has a whole new meaning when you're overseas...

See that computer screen in the bottom left corner?

That's not us just leaving the laptop in the middle of the room...

that's our Skype date. That's a grandma getting to watch her grandson open the birthday present she sent him.

That's technology that allows us to keep close relationships with our family back home. 

That's getting to see the joy on the face of the person that you bought a present for even though he's across the world.

This is us being grateful for that technology (and those presents)!


  1. Watching Cade open his present was a real treat. Thanks for letting him open it early so I could see his happy little face. Lidi

  2. That's such a nice idea. That way you can spend time together even though you are so very far apart. My son introduced his girlfriend to my parents over skype. They thought he had a picture of her up on his computer. My mom mumbled, "Oh she's pretty." Then Lauren responded, "Why thank you." My mom almost lost her dentures. At least she said something nice!

  3. We love skype too around here! Especially when grandparents are so far away!

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