Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Snowy Seoul

We thoroughly enjoyed our snow day yesterday, but we did spend the majority of the day inside. With a high of 9 degrees Fahrenheit, none of us lasted long outside.

Unfortunately, that means that because I spent a few more minutes editing pictures yesterday morning before I headed out to get pictures of Eric and the kids playing, I missed them outside entirely.

I wandered all the way around our complex taking pictures....boy moments like these make me miss the openness of the country. Somehow pictures of the snow surrounded by tall concrete walls just isn't the same!

Anyway, it turns out that they were heading back inside just as I was heading out in the other direction.

Their fun was especially short-lived because Cade lost one of his gloves the day before. Regardless, I enjoyed my short picture walk!

It's back to the grind for Dad today. Koreans are especially good about getting the snow cleared off of roads and sidewalks. They are out there sanding and shoveling just as fast as the snow comes down, so the roads were pretty clear by yesterday afternoon (though there are definitely still icy spots!).


  1. It is cold there! Nice you got some snow though :)

  2. Fantastic snow pictures. We're forecast snow for the weekend.

  3. My hubby was born in Seoul! It is beautiful and you did a good job capturing that. :)


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