Thursday, February 16, 2012

Week 7: True Love

Well, I can't say that I was feeling particularly enthused about this prompt. For me, Valentine's Day consisted of a bunch of kids hopped up on sugar (not my own!) and a good dinner. Just your run-of-the-mill true love. So, inspiration is definitely lacking. Exhaustion is taking over. But, I did take pictures. And, I took them with the real camera. So I'm happy with it.

Day 41: Reading a book will always be one of my true loves!

Day 42: Kennedy holding her Valentine's Day of her true loves! I was so mad that my Valentine's Day post went live without any words or pictures in it! I really liked some of the pictures I got of the kids and their candy. I have fixed it in case you missed it!

Day 43: I truly love this stage Cade is in...always running around in his underwear, having very few accidents, and loving to read his books!

Day 44: Since I'm working full time now, it's dark by the time I remember to take a picture most nights...this is a blurry picture of the kids watching their evening "movie" before bed...they truly love that 20 minutes of TV they get every day! (And I love the incentive to get them to eat their dinner and try something new each night!)

Day 45: Brushing the teeth...I wonder what part of our evening routine I'll take pictures of next week since I've just about covered it all this week!

Day 45: Ugh. My little iPhone-addicted children. At least they were playing an educational game. Cade told me that you spell cow "C-O-W" after playing this game.

Day 46: The kids love it when I get home from Costco. They're always so excited to see what I have. This time they were particularly excited because Costco had Goldfish crackers (not "marine crackers"--the real ones!), a rare treat since we've arrived in Seoul!

I think my favorite for this week is Day 42. I just love her sweet little hands holding that bowl of candy...and you know I love Jelly Bellies!

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  1. Day 42 is my favorite as well,
    precious shots

  2. Precious shots. So often we forget to capture the everyday little moments that life is composed of. Great idea.

  3. sweet photos of your kiddos! love the hands and the bowl shot. :)

  4. Really sweet. I love the one of your son at the bed in his underwear and the blurred door. Moments to remember!

  5. Very sweet. Love the bowl of candies for color and the ones of the children for love. :)

  6. We love that Curious George book!

  7. What a lovely variety of photos this week. Great shot of the chocolates in the bowl, and the cute one of your son in his jocks :) I have just become a Follower!

  8. Really great shots, I would be happy with the Goldfish too!

  9. Such a cute week! Love those candies in her hand and I love the book she is reading!

  10. I love the shot of them brushing their teeth!

  11. Aww. Sweet photos. Love the little underwear.

  12. I love the candy shot as well. It is so colorful and I don't think that there is anything better than little hands!


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