Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!!

In our typical fashion, we had a very busy, but very fun Easter day! The kids woke up extremely early and were very excited to see chocolate Easter eggs hidden all over the house. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any plastic eggs (nor did I put much effort into looking), but grandma brought some chocolate from the States, and I picked up some chocolate in Singapore, so we were not lacking for Easter candy!

We were also lacking in the typical "Easter basket", so gift bags had to work in a pinch...

After church, we did our normal lunch and then small group. Then we played at the park for a bit (it was around 60 F today--so exciting!!) and then had dinner with the other families in our small group.

Simon is British and fixed us a traditional "roast Sunday dinner" complete with Yorkshire pudding. It was delicious!

The kids enjoyed cupcakes for dessert while the adults had some decadent chocolate mousse.

And now I am utterly exhausted and must get to bed! Have a happy Easter!

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