Thursday, April 26, 2012

Week 17: Green

Phew! Another crazy, busy week!

Day 111: We had friends over for dinner. When their toddler got cranky, everybody put post-its on themselves to entertain her. Cade was loving it!

Day 112: I spent the day grading essays from my green folder. It rained hard all day and that was my only consolation.

Day 113: Getting lunch on Sunday after church. I thought it was so cute how Cade had his arm wrapped around Daddy's leg.

Day 114: I was trying to get a picture of our new (to us) green blender, but the kids decided they wanted to be in the picture. The shots I got of them were much cuter than those of the blender.

Day 115: Katie and I went to see the world's longest rainbow fountain bridge which is only about a 10 minute drive from our house. It takes a lot longer to walk, though!

Day 116: It was pouring down rain during our entire city tour, so this was one of the better shots. In the bathroom at Doota mall in Dongdaemun.

Day 117: The green flower beds on the walk to the bus before school

I think my favorite shot from the week is the one of the kids and me in the giant flower pot!

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  1. cute shots. love the one of you with the kids!

  2. Cute photos. Love the rose bed and you with the children.

  3. Love the one of you and the kids in the flower pot. I was very intrigued with the fountain bridge. It looks so cool.

  4. Very cute set of photos Chelsea, love the one of your son loving his dad, and those flowers are so pretty!!

  5. Cade with the post-its on is so adorable! And the picture of that bridge, wow!!

  6. Nice shots. Post it notes crack me upp

  7. These are cute! I love the bridge shot; such a neat picture.

  8. That bridge shot is awesome. You should tag that as your favorite so you can be eligible to win the prize this month!

  9. Love the post-its! Cool way to entertain. What a wonderful bridge too--nice night shot.


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