Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Start

I did it! I whiddled down my photo collect to just over 600 photos and I edited them all in less than a week! I'm so impressed with myself...Eric doesn't seem too impressed, but that's okay. Now if only I had the energy to tell the story! It's not going to happen tonight, I'm sorry to say, but I can show you a few more pictures in the's a start.

The narcileptic student in my group...this child can fall asleep anywhere: standing up in the bus, during a thunderstorm, at the zoo, on any type of boat...

Sing dollars...very pretty...more funny money!

A couple of signs we saw in the bathroom in a mall in Singapore...

they must have problems with that?!?...and of course, when paying 20 cents to use the bathroom (and employing the attendant who watches you drop the coins in) you must always put the coins in yourself! You most certainly shouldn't hand it to the attendant to put it in (part of her job is to prevent people from taking pictures of this sign as well, it appears. I honestly didn't know it was against her "rules" when I took it!).

More to come soon, but for now let me say that is was so nice being in a country where English was the first language again! It's amazing how at-home I felt even though I was so very far away from home! 

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