Thursday, April 5, 2012

Week 14: Foolin' Around

Alright. One more week down. I didn't have to get creative with this one because my kids are always just "foolin' around"!

Day 90: I can't really explain this one. Friday evening, they started playing in the bathtub. It was one place bright enough to take a picture, so I went for it!

Day 91: On Saturday, Eric went golfing in the morning, so the kids and I hung out, talked to Grandpa on FaceTime, and went to lunch in Itaewon. It was so good to spend some quality time with my kids!

Day 92: Cade...just being himself!

Day 93: Monday was a long day for Eric and me. We didn't have the energy to make dinner, so we ended up with cereal, toast, and fruit. The kids were thrilled!

Day 94: Cade doing one of his favorite activities...

Day 95: On Wednesday, the kids got to dye Easter eggs and have an Easter egg hunt with their friends at play group. They were so excited to show us the eggs they dyed!

Day 96: Cade was just being goofy before bed. He kept curling up in his blankets while we were trying to put his pajamas on. He is such a sweet boy.

I always have such a hard time picking a favorite. I think I like the last one of Cade the best. I always love shots of him in bed. I really love that one of Kennedy with her egg, too, though!

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  1. My favorite the photo with both your kiddos. You may never know what they were doing, but you know they were having fun! Great photos!

  2. I like the bathtub photo the best. They sure look like they are having fun.

  3. They are all really good! I like the one of your daughter with the egg - her eyes look amazing.

  4. Glad you are settling back in to life and getting all caught up! Your kids are just stinkin' adorable! :)

  5. The picture of Cade and his legos is just fantastic!! Love their smiles, so contagious on a Monday morning!

  6. I love cereal for dinner & your pics too!

  7. Cereal for dinner was always a favorite for me growing up. My kids aren't too into it, though. Love your photos. The lego one is awesome. Have a great week!

  8. These are all great personality shots! We too often have cereal for dinner when Daddy is away.

  9. I love Day 96! It is so sweet. :)

  10. My boys love cereal for dinner! It's a life saver when things are really busy and there is just no time to cook. I adore that shot of your daughter with the egg--very sweet.

  11. Great photos. I love that last one. So sweet.


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