Thursday, April 19, 2012

Week 16: Things that Grow

I have to admit. I was excited that this was the prompt for this week. I am so excited that things are finally starting to grow! Maybe it's because I'm used to spring starting a little earlier. I'm used to seeing green start to sprout in about February. I'm used to daffodils in March and tulips in April. But a part of me has felt that the ground has been frozen until this week in Seoul. This week the cherry blossoms bloomed and spring has finally sprung! I had a blast taking pictures of the trees: at the park, in our complex, at school. You might notice the trend. And yes, I took most of them with the phone...

Day 104: Friday night we went to dinner at one of our favorite Thai restaurants. Cade loves Thai food, and I'm always blown away by how much he can eat! After dinner, we went and bought some new shoes for Cade's ever-growing feet! He was being goofy and put the sticker on his shoe. Then he held his foot up so that I could get a better picture--what a kid!

Day 105: On Saturday, Eric and the kids went golfing in the morning while I graded essays. Then we all went to Myeongdong to peruse, stroll through the crowds, and go to Daiso.

Day 106: I took this shot of Seoul Tower walking home outside our apartment complex.

Day 107: Monday afternoon we went outside to take pictures of the kids in the tree right outside our building. I have many more shots from this day that I will hopefully be able to share soon! Cade was so excited to get to climb the tree!

Day 108: On Tuesday, Eric went golfing after school, so I took the kids to the park for a little while before dinner. I was impressed that I was able to get this shot with the iPhone.
Day 109: Wednesdays are always busy. I took this shot of Cade dancing outside the grocery store while we waited for Eric to pay for the groceries.

Day 110: Thursday evening our friends called from the park right outside our house shortly before bedtime. We let the kids go out and play for a little while before bed in their pajamas. I got a shot of this flower blooming after getting some silly shots of the kids playing.

I have a typical case of "mom guilt" tonight as I write this post and realize that I don't have a single shot of Kennedy in this week's collection. Sorry, girlie! I think my favorite for this week has to be Cade up in that tree. He loved it!

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  1. I look forward each week to seeing a glimpse of the culture of Seuol through your eyes. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love the flower photos! Cade looks like he's having a ball in the tree.

  3. Love the tree pics, and he is such a cutie!! -Jessica

  4. love your photos! love the blossoms you caught with your iphone! beautiful!

  5. Great shots of the blossoms. I love springtime when all the new flowers are emerging.

  6. Love all of your photos! Those Vans are the cutest!

  7. That picture of Cade in the tree is so precious! Springtime looks gorgeous there!

  8. Really great shots!! I love the first photo.

  9. Nice shoes! That's my boy!


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