Monday, April 23, 2012

Immersion Indonesia: The Routine

Once we reached Telunas we had a pretty consistent routine that we were able to keep up.

We woke up at about 6 am and headed out to the beach for PT. We did some stretches and activities to wake up the kids.

Then we had a quiet time on the beach. We just sat, read, and prayed. One of my favorite parts of the day.

After quiet time, we had a short worship time where the kids were asked to share something significant that they'd read during their quiet times. They were so sweet and sincere.

And all that before breakfast! Every morning for breakfast we had omelette stations where we could choose our vegetables and cheese and the lovely staff would cook our eggs right in front of us!

After breakfast we did whatever activity was scheduled: jungle hike, ropes course, or going to the village. When we returned from our activity, the kids had free time on the beach.

to play badminton or volleyball

to bury each other in the sand

to explore the sea creatures

or just hang out on the dock.

In the evening, we had dinner...everything from sloppy joes and onion rings to curried chicken and vegetable stir fries. The food was so good!

After dinner, we had another short worship service where our guest speaker for the week delivered a message to the kids, and then we spent time with our small groups before finally going to bed.

Sorry. This was a long one...I just still have so many pictures!! Today one of my best friends arrives in Seoul! I'm so excited to see her and show you what we are able to squeeze into the one and a half days that she is here!

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