Thursday, March 29, 2012

Week 13: Details

I've got nothing. I'm exhausted. There are so many pictures of this week and so very many details I could include, but I've got nothing. World's 2nd longest week. Right now, I'm caught up on my p52, submitted my grades, and that's about all I care about.

Day 83: In spite of the fact that is was really hot in Indonesia, it was difficult to find good light because we had a lot of clouds. In the evenings, I would go on the lookout for it, and this is what I found between cabins one evening.

Day 84: On our last morning at Telunas, I caught this picture of the sunrise reflecting over the water. I like that it's framed by the straw from the roof of the cabin and the rail of the deck.

Day 85: We got up really early Sunday morning to fly back to Korea. Eric's mom left Seoul just moments after we arrived back.

Day 86: The stuffed animals that I brought the kids back from the zoo have magnetic feet, so they enjoy having them climb up and down the refrigerator. It's the little things!

Day 87: The next day, I got a shot of the detail on the giraffe. I picked them up at the zoo in Singapore.

Day 88: Cade wanted to show me the injury he had on his knee and insisted I take a picture of it...turns out it fits the prompt pretty well!

Day 89: I realized tonight that Cade is finally starting to dress himself. He got his pajamas on all by himself this evening. He was very proud!

I think my favorite is the first picture of the light between the cabins. I tried hard to capture the details of Telunas Resort (as you will see as I continue to post hundreds of pictures!), but it was hard to capture just how beautiful it really is!

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  1. Ugh - those Indonesia pictures are beautiful - I miss holidaying there so! And Singapore zoo too - such a fabulous place for outings when we lived there. Sigh, you make me miss it!

  2. I LOVE the first photo. Just a beautiful composition. Gorgeous.

  3. Just amazing!!! Would love to visit one day!

  4. The Indo pics are great! So jealous of your time at Singapore Zoo and well...Singapore! I love that zoo. It is the World's Best in my opinion.

  5. wow those first two photos are awesome!

  6. The first shot with the light between the cabins is very cool. I like it a lot and those are fun stuffed animals you brough the kids. I want one ;0)

  7. I am ready to jump on a plane right now after seeing those gorgeous pictures!! I agree, with your best pic of the month, amazing!

  8. WOW- absolutely incredible view!!! Amazing!!!

  9. Oh my goodness. That first photo is just stunning! Can't wait to see the rest of them and hear more about your trip! :)

  10. Oh! So gorgeous. i love that first photo.


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