Wednesday, March 7, 2012


The kids always get so excited when I come home from Costco!

I go once a month, usually right after pay day, and it is alwasy an experience. I'm finally learning my way around, but it's still pretty stressful. There's the challenge of finding everything, trying not to get run over, beating the clock (we always plan to meet at the van at a certain time and I'm always worried it won't be enough time), and being sure that you have enough cash to pay for everything. I always have that one thing in the back of my head that I'll put back if it turns out I don't have enough money. Yup, fun times.

And, I always get home about 7:00, so right around bedtime. I call Eric when we get close, so he can help me carry everything in.

So, the kids always come running outside in the pajamas to see what I've brought home!

It's just about the most exciting event of the month for them...especially this last month when Costco had Goldfish crackers!

They are always ready to dig into the newest snack food!

It's the little things in life!

By the way, sorry if posts have shown up twice...tonight Blogger decided that when I hit enter, it means I want to publish instead of move down to the next frustrating!

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