Thursday, March 8, 2012

Week 10: Be Still

Well, it finally happened. I broke down and used my iPhone for a lot of my pictures this week. Some are better than others. I'm feeling pretty lame when it comes to the prompts lately. A lot of people put thought into it, set up the shot, and end up with some great photos that really represent the theme. I'm not one of those people.
Next week, I'll be lucky if I get my Week 11 post up before I leave for Singapore...honestly, there is pretty much zero chance of that happening! The following week, I'll still be in there will be lots of pictures when I get back, but you'll have to wait patiently. I'm not sure when I'll get around to getting them uploaded, edited, and organized into a post!

Day 62: Friday night we went out to dinner at one of the neighborhood Korean restaurants with friends. While we waited for Cade and Eric, the girls played.

Day 63: We went on base on played at an enormous park after watching a movie and having dinner...felt like we were in the States for a few hours!

Day 64: Eric and the kids playing a game after nap time on Sunday afternoon...

Day 65: Kennedy didn't want me to put her to bed, but I was able to get a few shots of her being still while she laid in bed and waited for Daddy. She is usually a pretty willing model for me.

Day 66: On Monday, I took a picture of the rain from my classroom. It was a rare rainy, cloudy day here in Seoul. Reminded us a lot of home.

Day 67: On Wednesdays, we go to Ross and JJ's. They have been getting home late, so Ross gives us his keys so that we can let everyone in. Eric and the kids quickly got comfortable on the couch! Making themselves right at home...

Day 68: I finally managed to get a shot of someone being still....because my own kids certainly can't! I gave a test today, so at least my students were sitting still for a little while.

I think this week was more an example of the fact that my children simply cannot "be still". I had thought of some other ways to express the prompt (since I was already aware of that fact), but there just wasn't time. I think my favorite shot of this week is the one of Kennedy and her friend outside the coffee shop on Friday night. I love the color and the laughter on their faces!

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  1. I love them all! Especially the rain scene...

  2. I love the rain drops on the window.

  3. love the rain scene also....Erin

  4. Great week! Love the pic of your son on the swing! And your daughter's eyes, stunning! Do you teach at an American school on a base over there?

  5. Beautiful shot of your beautiful girl!

  6. Great shot of her in bed. Beautiful! I took A LOT of iphone shots this week. Have a safe trip and look forward to you catching up when you get back.

  7. Love the pictures! Have a wonderful trip. I haven't been to Indonesia yet, but Singapore is amazing. If you can, try to get out to the Zoo. They have a splash park for kids. My son was too young for the splash park last time we were there, but I hear that is it fantastic.

  8. Love the rainy window shot and your daughter's amazing eyes.

  9. Beautiful children! Great shots :)

  10. Even with the Iphone, your photos are great. The girls playing before you went to dinner, is such a cute picture. I love the way the colors pop!

  11. What a busy week! The girls at the restaurant, your daughter's face, and the rain shots are definitely my favorite. :)


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