Thursday, March 29, 2012

Week 12: Hunger

Alright. In spite of the fact that I still have a million things to do. (Not literally, but you know how it feels!) And even though I have thousands of pictures to edit from the trip. (Yes, literally.) One of my priorities is to get caught up on my p365. You have no idea how much it stressed me out when I realized that I wouldn't be able to keep up with it while I was gone. I s'pose I could have brought my laptop along, but it would have been pretty anti-climactic (not to mention breaking all of the rules) and I really didn't have much time for it, anyway. So, here I am editing pictures and putting together my Week 12 when I should be doing report cards, unpacking my suitcase (all I've done is dump the sweat-drenched clothes in the laundry), and any number of other things. Oh well. It will all still be here in an hour!

Day 76: One of my students while we were waiting at the gate to board the flight to Singapore. It was a rare, quiet moment for her (when she wasn't complaining about how hungry she was!) and I am happy to have caught the moment.

Day 77: A turtle at the Singapore Zoo--my first natural habitat zoo--he was right on the edge of the sidewalk looking for something to eat!

Day 78: I took this one from the dock alongside the ferry terminal. We got off the ferry from Singapore and got on small, wooden boats like these in Batam, Indonesia and then headed to Telunas Resort on Sugi Island in Indonesia.

Day 79: We were craving some cool, refreshing water after a 5K hike in the Indonesian jungle in 90 degree heat and humidity! The rock, waterfall, and (black) water were very inviting!

Day 80: We were hungry for adventure on our 2nd day in Indonesia doing the low ropes course!

Day 81: Our students spent a lot of time playing with the Indonesian kids when they weren't working on building the wall. They all had a great time!

Day 82: These kids really had a hunger for learning. We taught classes in the afternoon after they got out of school, and they all volunteered to come back. Not only that, but they stood in the windows (like this little boy) and in the doorways trying to listen to our English lessons. They were so sweet and so happy!

What an awesome week we had! I think the last one of the little boy in the window is my favorite. They were all so funny because they wanted their picture taken, but they wanted to play and run away, too, so it was a challenge to find one standing still once I lifted my camera to my face. He was really excited once he figured out that I would show him all of the pictures that I took of him!

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