Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cade's Birthday

I am quickly falling behind. I have started writing posts on the weekends to publish throughout the week. But do I remember to do it? Eh, maybe. If you're lucky!

So, Tuesday was Cade's birthday. It was a terribly long day for Eric and I to be away from our little man on his birthday. We had a PD meeting after school, and while I love our Curriculum Director, it was still painful to be stuck in a meeting until 4:30, miss the bus, and have to wait forever for a cab to get home!

We took him to one of his favorite restaurants--the first one that we went to upon arrival in Seoul--All American Diner. It's not one of my faves, but the kids love it and it is what it sounds like. American food. Cade enjoyed the hard-boiled eggs in my crispy chicken salad, and they both enjoyed smoothies!

I won the "Guilty Mom" award for this birthday because I baked nothing for my son's birthday. I know. You're appalled. To make matters worse, I forgot to bring a candle for his brownie and ice cream. But, you can trust that he was not at all bothered to have a warm brownie and ice cream rather than cake and ice cream!

He did have plenty of presents, though...

It was very much a cars-themed birthday...

They both really enjoyed the semi-truck car carrier that Kennedy picked out!

He got this little miniature version of our neighborhood green bus from someone at his party...

I just had to take a picture of this gift bag because it is so typical of Korean English sayings...they crack me up!

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