Monday, March 26, 2012

My First Day Back

Well, I am utterly exhausted. I finally got home at about 6:00 last night, emptied my suitcase, took a warm shower (It is freezing in Seoul!!!! Not literally, but it was a big jump from 90 degrees to 40 degrees in just a few hours!), and then went to bed. I got up this morning, went to school, walked into my classroom and discovered that the teacher whose maternity leave I had been covering had completely cleaned out her room! She had taken every last personal item from the room, giving me the clear indication that she won't be coming back. I recovered from my shock and tears enough to teach my morning classes and even managed to (just barely) get through the classes that she hadn't left me any plans for in the afternoon.

Tonight, I am going to try to relax, get over the stress, and go to bed early. I know you're anxious to hear about the trip and see pictures, but I need to wait until I've recovered a bit more. I've included a couple of the shots from my phone. Above, is a building in downtown Singapore that I took from the bus. Below is the prawns we had for dinner on our last night in Singapore before heading back to Seoul. For now, I just wanted to update you that I am home and so happy to see my family!

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