Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Where to begin?

The sunset at Telunas Beach ~ Riau Islands ~ Indonesia

The reality of the situation is that I really have no idea where to begin telling the story. So much has happened in the last two weeks that I am overwhelmed at simply the thought of starting the task. I took thousands of pictures on my trip, and I did accomplish Step 1: Import. Phew! Long story short: I knew I had a ton of pictures and I needed to organize them (a little) upon import, so I finally did a little research and managed to at least put keywords on them in Lightroom. That's a step. Now, for the editing and the writing. I'm hoping to at least pick one for each day, so that I can get caught up on my project 365, but it could take me months to get through the rest of my pictures at the rate I've been going!

boats in the lagoon at Singapore Zoo

Here's the update on school: After recovering from the drama of yesterday where I walked into my classroom and discovered it to be cleaned out by the former teacher, I am feeling a little more steady today. Yesterday afternoon, I talked to our human resources director and me reassured me that no one expected me to work full time through the end of the year regardless of another's breach of contract. I was finally able to talk to my building principal this afternoon and it looks like I will continue teaching just my morning English classes for the remainder of the year, allowing me to go back to part time, and preventing my students from having three different English teachers in the course of nine months. I think it will be best for everyone, but I still have to make it through another month of full time work.

boats at the ferry terminal in Batam, Indonesia

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