Monday, March 5, 2012

Park Play & an American Experience

The weather finally warmed up enough that we were able to go the park both Friday and Saturday of last exciting!

You might remember from last summer that there are a number of adult exercise parks throughout the city. On Friday night, after we went out for a kalbi dinner with friends, we stopped at the nearby park to work off our dinner.

Cade fell while running around, shortly before having an accident which led to our quick departure. We were thankful to be close to home!

On Saturday, our friends took us on base to go see the Muppets movie and to have dinner. It was an interesting experience. It was amazing that we were able to go to a movie, get popcorn, and have dinner for less than $50. Crazy! It was less than $10 for all four of us to see the movie!

Cade had a hard time understanding the fact that we were suddenly in the "U.S." and he had to sit in a carseat and wear a seatbelt. It was a scary glimpse into this coming summer. The ride home from the airport is not going to be fun!

It was really weird to walk fifteen feet and go from being surrounded by Koreans to being surrounded by Americans.

You have to walk in the crosswalks on base, but there is this weird phenomenon where if you are in a crosswalk, cars stop for you. I know, it's weird. People have the right away in little America here.

We took the kids to this huge park across the street from the theater after dinner.

Our friends have kids the same ages as ours (though their oldest is a boy and youngest is a girl), so the kids always have a great time playing with them.

All in all, we had a wonderful (long) weekend, and we especially enjoyed temperatures around 50 degrees F. Unfortunately, it only lasted a few days. Now, it's back to cooler temperatures. And rain. Weird.

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  1. What a great play structure. I miss that- when we lived in Vegas we enjoyed parks like that, which seemed to be on every corner. We only have a couple parks here in our town now & they pale in comparison.


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