Thursday, May 24, 2012

Family Picnic

Oh boy! What a crazy, busy week! I spent my morning at school running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I taught my regular classes and then had lots of grades to enter, so I'd arranged with the nanny to come home a little later than normal. Then, I tried working in my classroom, but there was another (chatty) teacher in there. Then, I made a beeline for the staff lounge to work in order to avoid my former homeroom class. After another race back to the room to get the rest of my papers, I finally managed to get everything entered. Since I was starving, I decided to walk to get some lunch to bring home, and my favorite restaurant was closed! By the time I reached home, I was in a frenzy.
I walked in the door, and my normally chaotic house was quiet. Totally quiet. I was stunned. The nanny had done all of the laundry, cleaned the entire house, and both of my children were napping!!! I had serenity for an entire 5 minutes. And I was so incredibly grateful for it!

This past weekend we had our YISS staff and family picnic.

It was fully catered by Outback Steakhouse--I mean a ton of food. Chicken, sausages, and ribs. All on one plate. So. much. food.

The kids had a great time playing on the soccer field. Strangely, I think that Cade is the only 3 year old, but he doesn't mind. The kid gets along with everybody!

It was pretty entertaining watching these boys try to play catch!

The adult boys put together a softball game--Eric was in heaven!

After the adult game ended, they threw a few pitches for the kids. Kennedy is doing a really great job with a bat already. Far better than I ever was!

The weather was a beautiful, mild 75 degrees. It was a nice, relaxing day for the whole family. A very enjoyable "company picnic".

We have 10 days until we leave for the States! So excited! and so much to do!!!!

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