Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Han River Bike Ride

Last weekend was a long weekend for us. Saturday morning we got the call from Eric's family letting us know that they didn't think his grandma would make it through the weekend. That can certainly put a damper on things. He started thinking through lesson plans for the week, and we started looking for flights for him to go back to Seattle. Because there wasn't much else we could do, we followed through on the other plans we had for the weekend with the kids.

Saturday afternoon we had plans to go to a baseball game with some friends. I've already mentioned that those plans didn't pan out (and yes, I have pictures). You saw our Sunday activity the other day: bubbles at the park after church. On Monday Eric and I had a short(er) day of professional development. He ended up with an afternoon to prepare his sub plans for the week which worked out well for him. After school we took the kids to Namsan Park to look at the flowers (yes, I have pictures of this too!).

By Tuesday, we knew when Eric would be flying back to Seattle, and so we wanted to spend some quality time with the kids. Tuesday was Korean Labor Day-a holiday only observed by workers supported by a union-so we had the day off. The weather was beautiful, and we decided to take the kids down to the Han River to rent bikes and go for a ride.

The kids had some fun at the park before we ate lunch and rented our bikes.

Kennedy was loving this zip line...Cade wasn't a fan, though.

I got most of my shots of the bike riders from my phone because I spent most of my time helping Cade on his trike. You can see them in the Instagram grid on the upper right sidebar.

We left the States before he could reach the pedals on his trikes, so this was his first experience. It was tougher than he (or we) thought it was going to be!

We only lasted an hour on bikes, and then we explored on foot.

Eric asked a Korean gentleman to take our picture...he really liked the tilt you can see from my face, I was not impressed. I'm thankful he got one straight on.

Cade really wanted to go for a ride in one of these "duck boats", too. Next time, I guess.

We headed up to the 63 Building since we were close and had never been there. It houses museums, an aquarium, an IMAX theater, restaurants, stores, and businesses.

It is 63 stories tall and is the tallest gold-clad structure in the world (can't tell you why it's clad in gold!). The Korea Tourism Organization claims that it is the tallest building in Korea, but I'm not sure that it is any more.

There was a tree in the 63 Building with fake cherry blossoms on it. The lights were so strange in this room, though, it was impossible to correct my white balance. So, here's the best shot I could get in black and white.

This is my first time experimenting with a watermark...haven't decided what I think yet...

Happiness, unique experiences and life as an expat...on our good days!



  1. Great photographs and looks like a wonderful time! Hugs, Erin


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