Thursday, May 3, 2012

Week 18: Fiesta or Siesta

I struggled a bit with the prompt this week--neither fiesta nor siesta seem to fit in with our American-Korean lifestyle!
And, this was the first week where I honestly thought that I had forgotten to take a picture one day. We have been so incredibly busy this week (I know I say that every week) that I thought maybe I just missed a day. But, no, it turns out I took plenty of pictures on Friday, too. Just like every other day!

Day 118: Kennedy and I went to see the school's production of Aladdin Jr. The kids did a great job, and Kennedy and I thoroughly enjoyed the show! It looks a little fiesta-ish, I think!

Day 119: We had plans to go to a Korean baseball game on Saturday with friends. When we got to the stadium, we discovered the game was sold out. So, we went to the nearby Lotte World...except we just walked around the outside of the amusement park, rather than going in (because it's a beautiful area). Kennedy was not pleased with the change in plans and the fact that we didn't actually go to Lotte World.

Day 120: We took the kids to the park on Sunday afternoon, and Cade had a little "fiesta" with the bubbles! I love the pure joy on his face!

Day 121: Eric and I had a teacher work day on Monday, but we got out early and took the kids up to Namsan Park after school.

Day 122: Tuesday was Korean Labor Day and the weather was beautiful. We went on a bike ride along the Han River, and we all got our first sun burns of the summer.

Day 123: We had a teacher appreciation day last week and one of our (many) gifts were these delicious chocolates!

Day 124: I finally got a shot of one of the kids sleeping. Since they don't take "siestas" any more, this is after she went to bed for the night. It was our first night without Eric, and Kennedy was so tired that she fell asleep before I finished reading Cade his books. Poor kid.

I think my favorite this week is the shot of Kennedy going down the zip line at the park on Tuesday. She loved it, and she was so proud of herself for doing it on her own. I love to see her come out of her shell!

I finally figured out how to get my Instagram photos on here! Check 'em out if you want!

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  1. that third picture with the bubbles, is priceless, awesome shot!

  2. I love the bubble picture. I also love the last picture, too.

  3. These are great! Busy week!!

  4. I love the bubble picture as well! But the chocolate one is calling my name :) Did they taste as good as they look??

  5. Love your pictures. You really capture some emotions in them! Love that! Laura at

  6. Great shots this week. Love the bubbles in the park and the joyful look on your sons face and the zip-line with your daughter. Fun!


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