Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It's the little things...

Now that our flight home is so close, I've found myself again noticing things that are specific to Korea. Some of them have been driving me crazy!

Things like kids throwing their garbage on the ground everywhere (especially at the park), the abruptness that is a result of not speaking the same language (when a girl at the park incessantly tells Kennedy to "go" because it's one of the few words she knows in English--it gets the point across!), and women taking pictures of my kids ALL THE TIME.

Obviously these things have occurred daily for the past year, and most of the time I've been fine with it. But, lately, these things have really been bugging me!

At any rate, it's strange what I have been noticing again lately...like the dried fish truck that is on the street corner. Hungry? Why not pick up a snack of dried shrimp? Or can I interest you in a pizza topped with sweet potatoes and bacon? I have yet to be able to stand the smell of the squid being cooked on charcoal briquettes on the street long enough to take a picture of it, but there are usually Koreans surrounding it. I cannot wait to breathe in the clean, fresh air of the Pacific Northwest!

In spite of my high stress level (most of it being school-related), I keep trying to put it in perspective. This time last year, my stress level was through the roof. Yes, international travel is stressful and it will be tough to not have a place of our own for two months (not to mention 4 domestic flights in 8 weeks), but it is nothing compared to re-locating your entire family to a new country. We'll be fine and everything that has to get done will get done. I can thank God for that!

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  1. Sorry you're so stressed! Sounds like you're really ready to get home. I'm glad you'll be able to get there soon!


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