Thursday, May 10, 2012

Week 19: Still Life

This was a weird week for me. For some reason, I couldn't think of a single thing I wanted to photograph for a still life shot. Then I got it in my head that was all I should be shooting. At any rate, I felt like I was in a bit of a rut this week. I feel like I've already taken a picture of everything around me. And when I did my last upload for this week and saw my Lightroom catalog reach 6,000 pictures for 2012, my feeling that I have already photographed everything was supported!

Day 125: Decided to take a shot at my "still life" photo with the avocado that was finally ripe (after 5 days!). Avocados are a rare treat here in Southeast Asia!

Day 126: Whoops! Forgot to take a picture today...the kids and I had a movie night since we haven't really been able to leave the house with Kennedy's pink eye.

Day 127: Kennedy's eyes seemed a lot better, but I didn't want to risk infecting her Sunday school class, so the kids and I went out to experience our first Seoul Friendship Festival. More on that here.

Day 128: We went out to dinner with friends in Itaewon. This was the sunset on the walk home. I had to stick my arm over a wall to get this shot. Apparently, it inhibited my ability to keep the horizon straight!

Day 129: Not sure if this technically qualifies as still life since I didn't control the elements, but hey, it's not of my kids!

Day 130: Asian pears. Playing with light and shadows.

Day 131: Is it bad that I keep taking my kids to the park even with pink eye? I know it is, but I just can't help it. When it's sunny and 80 degrees outside, it's pure torture to stay in our germ-infested apartment all day!

The one of Cade at the Friendship Festival is my favorite for this week. I like the sparkly bokeh of the stream behind him...even though you can see a random Korean in the background, too. Story of my life!

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  1. Great series. Sorry Kennedy was not feeling well. Pink eye is not fun. Love the last shot.

  2. Wow. 6,000 pictures for the year already that is amazing! I am glad that everybody is not shooting a bowl of fruit for their still life.

  3. The photo of the avacado and knife is wonderful. I like how there is part of the avacado still on the pit.

  4. I didn't have time this week so this morning I took a pic of an onion. :) I like your avocado.

  5. We love avocados and are waiting for them to come in season here. Great photos.

  6. I love the avocado pic. It made me want some slices! I would be sad if I couldn't regularly eat them.

  7. this horizon shot is just beautiful!

  8. Love the avocado pic and the profile shot of Cade, gorgeous!

  9. I really like the avocado still life. Great focus and lighting. I did find the knife a bit unnecessary, good job regardless!

    1. Thanks April! I don't know anything about still lifes: what makes the knife unnecessary?

  10. Poor little guy! Hope he recovers soon. I remember when all 3 of mine had PE at once. They were a walking nightmare. :) Great shots.

  11. WOW! Such beautiful shots!! Love that first one.

  12. Bummer about the pink eye. That is no fun!

  13. Love avocados. Thankfully they are plentiful here in California and are a staple on my sandwiches. That last shot is a great one of your son--such a sweet face!


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